Farm Transition Planning

Protect your farm or ranch with Land As Your Legacy®

Land As Your Legacy® transition planning for farmers and ranchers

Since our founding in 1926 by the Ohio Farm Bureau, Nationwide® has had a special bond with American farmers and ranchers. We protect the financial security of farms, families and futures with extraordinary care. We’re focused on helping you protect your farm for generations to come. A Land As Your Legacy® transition plan can help.

Our team of legal and tax professionals can help ensure the successful transition of a family business from one generation to the next and preserve the legacy that’s been built.

Plan a promising future

Our Land As Your Legacy team partners with your team of financial, legal and tax professionals to help plan a promising future for your family farm or ranch. At no cost to you, we will develop a transition plan focused on helping you protect the future for your business and your family.

Program Overview

Watch our video about the Land As Your Legacy® program and the transition planning process.

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Dave Ramsey Resources

Financial literacy is a critical life skill, yet our society does little to encourage competency in this area. Dave Ramsey learned this the hard way. Dave was a successful real estate broker in Nashville, TN, who build a personal real estate portfolio worth over $1,000,000- almost all with borrowed money. When the real estate market hit a period of decline, Dave’s notes were called and he was bankrupt. Dave learned the hard way about the dangers of debt.

Today, Dave leads a dynamic organization called Ramsey Solutions that helps people make their money behave (as Dave would say). Dave is heard on over 500 radio stations across the country on a daily basis hosting, “The Dave Show” where he takes calls from across America helping people get their financial lives in order.

Financial Peace University (FPU)

Dave took the lemons he encountered and he made lemonade- he looked at many of the things he did wrong and developed a 9 week financial literacy course called “Financial Peace University” or “FPU.” The material Dave has developed has helped countless people and families confront and conquer their financial difficulties. The material has been developed with a healthy dose of reality topped off with a sense of humor. FPU historically has been offered in a church setting. In recent years, the material has been structured for use in community groups, the military, and even prisons.

Click here to order Membership Kit and learn more about FPU.

Smart Dollar

A Financial Peace University related curriculum called Smart Dollar has also been designed for the workplace.

Our Affiliation

Dave’s philosophy is to work with business professionals that have the heart of a teacher to implement what is learned through FPU. Under his program, we are SmartVestor Pro’s for Investing.

We Offer:

  • Classes at our office
  • Classes facilitated virtually
  • Facilitator to lead classes at your location
  • Budget counseling by a certified Ramsey Solutions Master Financial Coach
  • To attend your FPU sessions that cover insurance and investing for an opportunity to answer questions by a