Farm Owners

Secure Path Advisory Group has achieved the Land as Your Legacy® designation from Nationwide,® which makes us uniquely qualified to support farmers and ranchers with a wide range of needs.

We serve as your partner through every stage of your farming career.

  • Start-up farmers – We help new farmers diversify their investments, protect their personal assets from the debts of the farm, implement relevant life and disability insurance policies, save for their children’s future, establish monthly cash flow and more.
  • Established farmers – We help established farmers make wise investments in their land and equipment, manage their assets, protect their savings, implement 401(k)s and other benefits to support employees, and plan for future healthcare costs.
  • Farmers nearing retirement – As you near retirement, we help you develop an exit planning strategy that accomplishes your long-term goals. We also work to establish a steady stream of income in retirement, navigate Medicare and Social Security options, plan for long-term care and more.